„The world is only a mood..”

When we are looking at photographs what comes to our mind? Memories, feelings, experiences. The essence of photography is to capture the atmosphere of the moment and transform it into a picture. If a picture does not reflect the atmosphere of the moment, it is not a real photo. I try to catch moments in life, which bring back memories, feelings and experiences and I would like to share them with as many people as possible. If my work achieves its goal, people will view those every day scenes from a different point of view that maybe they would just ignore. At these times it's normal that people may ask: 'Why is this good for me?' Maybe because if my picture sends shivers down on somebody's spine or even just muses over a picture for a few minutes, I have already reached my goal. I have transmitted a mood through which I saw the world for a moment.

Awarded photographs:__________________________________________________________


Religion criticism photo competition (szabadgongolkodo.hu)
Selected photograph: „God's zoo is big”


- Community Centre of Lencsés International photo competition
IV.„Only from pure sources”
Special award of the house: ‚After’

- FIAP 28. Black and white Biennale - China, qualified in the country collection (top 10) :
'Jump', collection 5th place

- Photo poetry competition, placed in the album, exhibited (2006): 'Chosen'

- Exhibited in MAFOSZ exhibition room: 'Jump'

- National Geography competition among 'best pictures': 'Mate'


- 7tiny photo competition: 'Dream' (the connection of man and advertisement): 1st place


- ‚Renaissance life feeling at hungarian contemporary photo art’
Two exhibited photograph (‚One in a hundred’, ‚Slots’)

- Faludi International Youth Film Festival and photo contest 2008.
Exhibited photo (Finger)


- 'Two side of one barrier' - photocontest: II. prize

My exhibitions______________________________________________________


Birth of the Virgin Mary Vicarage of Nógrádsáp
Venue: Piety Museum of Budapest


'Close -up' - Group exhibition


'Close up 2006' - Group exhibition
Cultural Centre of Pestújhely

'Other-space-collection' - Group exhibition
Cultural Centre of Pestújhely

'Kőbánya from a worm's eye view' - Photos of Kőbánya
Venue: Kőbánya Leisure Centre

Venue: Shed, Cafe of Xavér Varnus


Ideology - photos with quotes from Tamás Cseh and Géza Bereményi
Venue: Mai Manó Gallery

The Bundles of Kőbánya - photos of Kőbánya
Venue: Piety Museum

Parallelisms - A prelate's funeral


One moment - Pataky Community Centre (round gallery)
12th February 2009. - 6th March


"Here is the city, we are the inhabitants" - Szentendre, Fotópasszázs studio gallery